Yoga Nidra Session Wednesday/Mittwoch 31.1.2018, 20.15

(english version below)

In dir liegen Stärken, Fähigkeiten und Energien, mit denen du heilen und dein Leben verbessern kannst.

Bringe bitte bequeme Kleidung, und gerne auch eine Decke oder Schal. Wir haben Matten und Decken.

Preis: 15 Euro (ermäßigt 11 Euro)

(Wenn der Preis Dich davon abhält an diese Session teilzunehmen, sag mir bitte im Voraus Bescheid. Wir können dann eine Lösung finden.)

Ich bin telefonisch zu erreichen, falls Du weitere Fragen hast: 01799304384

Liebe Grüße,

Marianne Schmidt wurde in Indien geboren und wuchs als Nomadin auf.
Sie ist ausgebildete med. Masseurin, Balneotherapeutin und Yoga
Lehrerin. Sie ist auch Mama, Tänzerin und Designer.


Yoga Nidra stimulates the hormones in the pineal gland, which releases melatonin — a horomone that reduces stress, boosts the immune system and helps prevent illness. Regular practice helps harmonize the brain hemispheres, promoting better mental performance.

The practice takes your awareness deep into parts of you that tension often prevents you from accessing. As you systematically relax each part of your physical body and move your awareness to your subtle layers, emotions, and deeper mind, you will relax and rejuvenate your whole self. By tapping into your subconscious, which is the deeper
part of you, you gain access to innate knowledge and wisdom that can positively transform your life. Within you lie strengths, abilities and energies that you can use for healing and improving your life in many ways.

Yoga Nidra is the easiest and most effective way to create a bridge between conscious awareness and your subconscious mind. It is a tool for mining the strengths and talents that usually lie hidden within you, buried under old patterns.

Please bring comfy clothes, an blanket or shawl. We have a lot of mats, cushions etc, but the more the merrier.

Costs: 15 Euro (reduced 11)

(If the price is what hinders you from participating, inform me and we might find a solution.)

Maximum participants: 13

Feel free to call if you have questions or would like to chat about yoga therapies. 01799304383

See you, Marianne

Marianne Schmidt was born in India and raised nomad. She is a qualified med. masseuse, balneotherapist and yoga instructor. She is also a mother, dancer and designer.

The Yoga Nidra Session begins with a small explanation of Yoga Nidra, a physical Asana practice from Hatha and Kundalini, a long Savasana with guided mediation. After the practice there will be tea and time to chat and share.

I would like to host this meditation in english since I usually do it in german and have had requests from english speakers. But I am bilingual and can also do it in german, if so desired, and more german speakers attend.

KulturCafé, Friedelstr. 28, 12047 Berlin, 030 789 90 298